DOI 2024

Once again, on April 29, 2024, we will celebrate the Day of ImmunologTogether!

IUIS & EFIS invite all international societies to join in the effort to increase global awareness of the benefits of immunology researches. Learn more about past Day of Immunology events.

This year’s theme is “Immunity Through the Ages: Navigating the Science of Aging and Immunology.”

So join us and register for an insightful webinar on the Day of Immunology, April 29, 2024, at 14:00- 16:30 CET, where experts in immunology will explore the dynamic relationship between aging and the immune system.



Organizers: Rita Carsetti (IUIS Vice President), Federica Sallusto (EFIS President)

Chair: Nadja Bakocevic

2:00 PM CET                      Introduction to the Day of Immunology by Rita Carsetti and Federica Sallusto

2:05 PM CET                      Introduction to the Webinar by Nadja Bakocevic

2:10 PM CET                      Antibody-mediated immunity in the later years of life by Michelle Linterman

2:35 PM CET                      Decoding the contribution of the Immune System to aging by Maria Mittelbrunn

3:00 PM CET                      Value of maternal immunization and its influence on neonatal immune responses by Christiane Eberhardt

3:25 PM CET                      Shaping of immune systems in human newborns by environmental exposures by Petter Brodin

3:55 PM CET                      Panel Discussion and Closing remarks

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