13th Latin American and Caribbean Congress of Immunology ALACI 2022



Scholarships for students

Dear Presidents of the Immunology National Societies, Corresponding Members, ALACI22’s Scientific Committee, and Scholarships,

The ALACI’s ExCo has the pleasure to announce the distribution of 62 scholarships for students. This unusual number of scholarships in an ALACI´s meeting is provided by ALACI (30), IUIS EDU Committee (22), EFIS (6) and LAMIG/MIS (4). In addition, BioCubaPharma will sponsor several delegates of the Cuban Society for Immunology. We thank EDU/IUIS, EFIS, LAMIG/MIS, and BioCubaPharma for their invaluable contribution.

The scholarships will cover 1 abstract, registration, and 4 days of accommodation.

The scholarships will be assigned accordingly to the number of members of every National Society.  LAMIG scholarships will be distributed between LAMIG members (see the table).

Below you will find the criteria that will be used for the distribution of the ALACI22´s scholarships. That they are national of the country where applied.

  1. Doctoral students or recently PhD (less than one year) or master’s degree students (or equivalent).
  2. Being a National Society´s member for at least one year.
  3. Each national society LAMIG board or the Corresponding Members decides the other criteria based on the impact on the scholar’s scientific development and the quality of their abstract and CV.

Sincerely yours,

Oliver Pérez

President ALACI and ALACI22


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